Radioshows I've Recorded

Shows recorded at the studios of KZSU Stanford.

Futurebeat Radio

Beats from the future. Late night listening and such. This show is hosted on KZSU Stanford 90.1 for your late-night listening pleasure.

Current weekly show, Spring quarter, Mondays at Midnight PST on KZSU:
The Dubstep Edition, Futurebeat Radio June 12th 2012 (1.5h, playlist)
Week 3: Futurebeat Radio April 24th 2012 (1.5h, playlist)
Week 2: Futurebeat Radio April 17th 2012 with special guest Mike Spivack (2.5h, playlist)
Week 1: Futurebeat Radio April 9th 2012, Downtempo mix to start the quarter (2.5h, playlist)

Futurebeat Radio December 15st 2011, Synth Night with new B Bravo! (1h,playlist)
Birthday Special Futurebeat Radio December 1st 2011 (1h,playlist)

Week 2: Futurebeat Radio July 7th 2011 - Featuring DJ Legion's It's The Shrooms Dude. (2h,playlist)
Week 1: Futurebeat Radio June 30th 2011 - Debut of the Thursday show! (2h,playlist)

Futurebeat Radio June 20th 2011 - new SBTRKT album! (3h,playlist)
Futurebeat Radio June 14th 2011 - new Com Truise album! And dark ambiance mashups. Will scare your pants off. (3h,playlist)
Futurebeat Radio June 7th 2011 - my first solo show! (3h,playlist)

Equipment Used: Traktor Kontrol S2 and X1, Traktor Pro 2, Macbook, Native Instruments Audio DJ 4, Sennheiser HD280Pro

Live Mix Shows / Turntable Sets

When I have the opportunity to do a real mix show, I jump on it. These are full of trainwrecks, since I like to experiment, which pushes me beyond the limits of my fledgling turntabilism skills. Listen with a sense of humor and you'll feel it as much as I did during the mix.

2011 KZSU Summer Solstice Marathon. 5am-7am Vinyl/Traktor Set. (Show Info)

Equipment Used: 2x Technics SL-1200, Pioneer DJM-600, Macbook, Traktor Scratch 2, Traktor Kontrol X1, Native Instruments Audio DJ 4, Sennheiser HD280Pro, Mackie studio monitors, subs and amps.

The Dungeons of Rap

The Dungeons of Rap is a hip-hop show I co-hosted with Eric. It started as a joke and an opportunity to learn some DJing skills and play old school/underground hip-hop music. We ended up doing a live show one Wednesday night. BEWARE: No-hold-barred rap and hip-hop with profanity from the artists and us. Especially on that demo tape. You don't have to listen if you get offended easily.

The Dungeons of Rap, May 5th, The Fuckup Show (2h,mp3,playlist)
The Late Night Dungeons of Rap, April 17th (1h,mp3,playlist)
Rohit Guest Mix on The Dungeons of Rap, December 8 (2h,mp3,playlist)
The Dungeons of Rap on November 10th, Laid-back Edition (2h,mp3,playlist)
The Dungeons of Rap Late Night Edition, taking over Futurebeat Radio on October 4th 2011 (1h30,mp3,playlist)
The Dungeons of Rap Live! June 8th 2011 (2h,mp3,playlist)
The Dungeons of Rap Mixtape May 28th 2011 (1h,mp3,playlist)

Equipment Used: Denon rack-mounted CD players, Traktor Pro 2, Macbook, Traktor Kontrol X1, Native Instruments Audio DJ 4, Sennheiser HD280Pro